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Tired of flies bugging you in the kitchen, cockroaches scaring you at night, or mosquitoes joining you while you BBQ? Get rid of these pests and more with our professional pest control services!

Our Pest Control Services

Here in the South, pests can feel inevitable. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, and more all seem to love making our lives miserable. But it doesn’t have to be that way! No matter the pest, we’ll make sure they quit buggin you!

Ant Control

No matter how many you squish, they just seem to keep coming! We have the tools and training to get rid of them and ensure they stay gone!

Roach Control

All roaches are annoying, but not all roaches respond to the same treatment methods! We identify the species that is bugging you, and evict them - permanently.

Bed Bug Treatment

This horrible pest often arrives after you’ve been traveling and can be a nightmare to remove. Our proven multi-faceted approach gets rid of these bloodsucking bedfellows.

Outdoor Fleas & Tick Treatment

Fleas spread tapeworms and ticks spread all manner of serious illnesses. Our outdoor flea and tick treatment protects your family and pets from these pests.

Fly Treatment

Flies are more than just a nuisance - they spread diseases and spoil food. Our professional exterminators will ensure they quit buggin you!

Rodent Control

Mice and rats are destructive pests which spread disease. Our professional pest control service will see these creatures gone, and ensure they stay gone.

Mosquito Control

Tired of coming in from your lawn covered in itchy bites? Our mosquito control treatment will make your yard a more pleasant place to spend time!

Termite Control

Left untreated, all wooden structures in the south will inevitably fall victim to termites. Protect your home from these hungry pests!

Pest Prevention Services

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Our monthly pest prevention service gives you peace of mind and keeps pests at bay.

Fast Results, Less Waiting

Your time is valuable and we respect that! When you work with Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll get punctual service and great results. Our home pest control treatments resolve your pest issues quickly, letting you go back to enjoying your home!

Real Customer Service

When you call Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll be speaking with one of our professional office staff – not a robot and not a call-center overseas. We are committed to providing you with amazing customer service alongside our outstanding pest control solutions.

The Right Treatment, Every Time

The best pest control treatments are carefully chosen to specifically target the critters that are bugging you. Our Clemson Extension 7A certified technicians will correctly identify your pests and select the right treatment necessary to see them gone.

The Midlands’ Preferred Exterminator Service

From home termite treatments to commercial pest control, Midlands residents trust Jeffcoat Pest Control:

About Jeffcoat Pest Control

Brandon Jeffcoat, the founder of Jeffcoat Pest Control, has been providing pest management services and termite control to Columbia area homeowners and business owners for over 15 years. While the business name may have changed, Brandon’s customer-service focused approach and commitment to training and professionalism remain the same as ever!

I’ve got another type of pest problem - can you help?

Almost certainly! We are able to handle almost any common pest from silverfish to wasps. Send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

I’ve already tried DIY methods to get rid of my household pests - what makes your treatment different?

Our pest control experts have a few advantages over your average DIY pest control solutions. First and foremost, we can accurately identify what sort of pest infestation is present. While all cockroaches look like cockroaches – there are in fact several different species and each requires a slightly different treatment methodology.

Additionally, while there are many pesticides available at your local hardware store, we have access to EPA regulated compounds which are not readily available to homeowners, as well as the training to safely apply them.

Will I see any bugs after you apply treatment?

There is a very real possibility that you will see some bugs after treating your home. It is quite common to see a dead roach in the middle of a room after treatment – but keep in mind that this bug is dead because of the treatment.

We make every effort to ensure your home is pest-free and will ensure that you are satisfied with your results.

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Are you ready for pests to Quit Buggin you? Send us a message to start working with Columbia’s best pest control company!

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