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Bats are a serious health concern and even fleeting contact can expose you to rabies! They don’t mean to be dangerous – in fact they are quite docile and want little to do with us – but the bacteria and viruses they carry have other plans. Our wildlife removal experts are here to help, safely removing your problem bats and relocating them back into the wild where they belong.

Professional Bat Removal Services

Our attics accidentally can be the perfect nesting site for bats. Dark, little used, and well sited, these critters may feel right at home! However, bats spread dangerous diseases and bat colonies make a serious mess, leaving behind biohazardous mounds of guano. We provide humane removal, disinfection, and exclusion to keep them from coming back!

How We Get Bats Out

Area Inspection

The bat removal process begins with a thorough inspection, checking for secondary infestations like rodents and raccoons, and identifying their entry points.

Bat Removal & Exclusion

Using a combination of one way doors and exclusion hardware we block their entrances and only give them a clear route out of your attic. In a day or two all of the bats will be gone.

Clean Up & Disinfection

An essential part of bat control is cleaning up their droppings. Bats can make quite a mess – and bat guano (feces) can spread potentially fatal illnesses if not disinfected properly.

Your Bat Infestation Solved

After your bat removal service, your attic will be free of bats and other nuisance wildlife, and any entry points will be permanently sealed up against future intrusion. The space will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, making it safe again for occupancy.

What You Get When You Choose Jeffcoat Pest Control

Effective & Humane Wildlife Removal

We love the diversity of wildlife found in the Carolina Midlands – but we want to see these animals living out in their native ecosystems, not in our homes! Our experienced technicians ensure these critters are safely and humanely evicted from your property

Real Customer Service

When you call Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll be speaking with one of our professional office staff – not a robot and not a call-center overseas. We are committed to providing you with amazing customer service alongside our outstanding pest control solutions.

Fast Results, Less Waiting

Your time is valuable and we respect that! When you work with Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll get punctual service and great results. Our wildlife removal services resolve your wildlife issues quickly, letting you go back to enjoying your home!

The Midlands’ Preferred Exterminator Service

From home termite treatments to commercial pest control, Midlands residents trust Jeffcoat Pest Control:

About Jeffcoat Pest Control

Brandon Jeffcoat, the founder of Jeffcoat Pest Control, has been providing pest management services and termite control to Columbia area homeowners and business owners for over 15 years. While the business name may have changed, Brandon’s customer-service focused approach and commitment to training and professionalism remain the same as ever!

Do bats spread any diseases?

Yes, bats spread many serious illnesses including:

  • Rabies
  • Histoplasmosis
  • SARS and Other Coronaviruses
  • Leptospirosis
  • Nipah Virus
  • Bartonellosis
  • Salmonellosis

Never touch or otherwise handle a bat. If you come into contact with a bat, seek medical attention.
If you have bats in your attic or crawl space, we recommend that you avoid the area until a wildlife removal company has been able to come out and perform remediation.

How do bats get into my attic or soffit?

Bats do not make holes and only exploit existing ones. In some cases, these may simply be open vents that they are taking advantage of, while in other cases they move in via holes created by other wild animals.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for bats to coincide with secondary wildlife problems such as raccoons, squirrels, or even skunks. The good news is that bat exclusion will also keep these other unwanted houseguests out.

Are bats good for the environment?

Yes. While bats are not welcome to live in our homes, they make lovely neighbors and are voracious mosquito eaters. There is nothing wrong with encouraging them to roost in bat boxes near your home – we just don’t want to share our enclosed living spaces with them.

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