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Don’t let rodents drive you crazy! Get rid of these destructive pests and restore order to your home with some help from our pest control experts.

Take Control of Your Rodent Problem

It’s important to get rid of rats and mice as soon as you notice your infestation, as chewed wires can lead to home fires and rodent urine spreads potentially lethal diseases. DIY methods are unreliable and may put you and your family at risk. With our professional pest control services your rodent problem will be solved fast.

Our Rodent Control Process

Home Inspection

The rodent control process begins with a thorough inspection, looking for signs of rodent activity and identifying how these vermin are gaining access to your home.

Rodent Population Control

Our technicians will deploy the appropriate treatments including rodenticides, rodent bait stations, or snap traps. Follow-up visits may be necessary to completely resolve your issue.

Exclusion and Clean Up

Your home will be protected from future infestation by sealing up entry points and any leftover rodent feces and contaminants will be treated to leave your home safe and secure.

No More Mice and Rats

Success is simple: your home will have no more rodents after your treatment is finished and your home will be protected against future invasion.

What You Get When You Choose Jeffcoat Pest Control

The Right Treatment, Every Time

The best pest control treatments are carefully chosen to specifically target the critters that are bugging you. Our Clemson Extension 7A certified technicians will correctly identify your pests and select the right treatment necessary to see them gone.

Real Customer Service

When you call Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll be speaking with one of our professional office staff – not a robot and not a call-center overseas. We are committed to providing you with amazing customer service alongside our professional pest control solutions.

Fast Results, Less Waiting

Your time is valuable and we respect that! When you work with Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll get punctual service and great results. Our home pest control treatments resolve your pest infestations quickly, letting you go back to enjoying your home!

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We take our responsibility to protect you, your family, and your home seriously. All of our technicians are licensed and insured, and participate in weekly training to stay current on best practices and safe application methods for EPA-regulated pesticides.

The Midlands’ Preferred Exterminator Service

From home termite treatments to commercial pest control, Midlands residents trust Jeffcoat Pest Control:

About Jeffcoat Pest Control

Brandon Jeffcoat, the founder of Jeffcoat Pest Control, has been providing pest management services and termite control to Columbia area homeowners and business owners for over 15 years. While the business name may have changed, Brandon’s customer-service focused approach and commitment to training and professionalism remain the same as ever!

What are the health and safety risks associated with a rodent infestation?

Rodent infestations pose serious health and safety risks, including the potential for disease transmission. Rodents can carry bacteria, viruses, parasites, fleas, and ticks. Diseases like Hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis are commonly spread by these pests.

Additionally, rodents can cause significant property damage by gnawing through wiring, and shredding insulation, creating potential fire hazards. Addressing a rodent problem promptly is crucial for safeguarding both health and home.

How long does it take to completely eliminate rodents from my property?

The timeline for complete rodent elimination will vary depending on the severity of the infestation and the specific circumstances of your property. Generally, you can expect initial results within 7-10 days after the first treatment, with comprehensive control achieved in 2-4 weeks. Our treatment is not finished until your rodent problem is 100% resolved.

What methods do you use for rodent control and are they safe for pets and children?

Our team uses a combination of trapping, baiting, and exclusion techniques that are both effective and humane. All products and methods employed are EPA-approved and designed to be safe for pets and children when applied by our trained and certified technicians.

What signs of rodent infestation should I look for?

Common signs of a rodent infestation include droppings, gnaw marks on furniture or wires, unusual smells, and scratching or scurrying noises, especially at night. You may also find nests made from shredded paper or fabric.

What steps can I take to prevent future rodent infestations after treatment?

To prevent future rodent issues, it’s important to rodent proof your home’s exterior by sealing up entry points like cracks, gaps, or holes. Keep food sources, like pet food, in sealed containers and dispose of waste in secure bins. Regular inspection and maintenance of your property aids in detecting early signs of a potential infestation.

What types of mice and rats are commonly found as pests, and how do they differ?

Various species of mice and rats can invade homes, but the most common ones in the South Carolina Midlands are the House Mouse, the Deer Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof Rat. The House Mouse is small and grayish-brown, while the Deer Mouse is slightly larger with a white belly. The Norway Rat is the larger of the two rat species and usually has a brown or gray coat. Roof Rats are smaller, more agile, and often black or dark brown.

Each species exhibits unique behaviors and has preferred nesting areas, which can impact the strategy for their removal and control. Our technicians will identify which species is responsible for your rodent activity and choose the correct treatment plan to deal with them.

Do rodent repellents work, and are they a good alternative to other treatment methods?

Rodent repellents, such as ultrasonic devices and natural sprays, advertise themselves as a non-toxic approach to deterring mice and rats. However, these products generally do work well and are usually not sufficient for eliminating an active infestation.

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