No More Squirrel Nuisance: Fast and Humane Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are poor house guests – making distracting noises, tearing up insulation, pooping wherever they please, and even chewing on electrical wires! We put a stop to your squirrel problem with humane removal, exclusion, and repairs.

Professional Squirrel Removal Services Columbia SC

Squirrels are pretty cute – but squirrel damage is no joke. Squirrels love to use your insulation for nesting material and leave behind a mess of feces, urine, and fleas! Beyond being a nuisance, their tendency to chew on wires creates a very real risk of electrical fire! Get your squirrel infestation fixed fast to minimize damage and keep your home safe!

Our Squirrel Control Process

Area Inspection

The squirrel removal process begins with a thorough inspection, checking for secondary infestations like rodents and raccoons, and identifying their entry points.

Squirrel Removal & Exclusion

Our squirrel removal process uses a combination of squirrel traps, exclusion hardware, and one way doors. If traps are employed we will return to safely release the trapped squirrels.

Clean Up & Disinfection

Cleaning up after a squirrel infestation is extremely important. Depending on the severity your attic may only need spot cleaning, or it may need a complete insulation replacement.

Your Squirrel Infestation Solved

After your squirrel removal service, your attic will be free of squirrels and other nuisance wildlife, and any entry points will be permanently sealed up against future intrusion. The space will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, making it safe again for occupancy.

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We love the diversity of wildlife found in the Carolina Midlands – but we want to see these animals living out in their native environments, not in our homes! Our experienced wildlife specialists ensure these critters are safely and humanely evicted from your property.

Real Customer Service

When you call Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll be speaking with one of our professional office staff – not a robot and not a call-center overseas. We are committed to providing you with amazing customer service alongside our outstanding animal control solutions.

Fast Results, Less Waiting

Your time is valuable and we respect that! When you work with Jeffcoat Pest Control you’ll get punctual service and great results. Our animal removal services resolve your wildlife issues quickly, letting you go back to enjoying your home!

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From home termite treatments to commercial pest control, Midlands residents trust Jeffcoat Pest Control:

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Brandon Jeffcoat, the founder of Jeffcoat Pest Control, has been providing pest management services and termite control to Columbia area homeowners and business owners for over 15 years. While the business name may have changed, Brandon’s customer-service focused approach and commitment to training and professionalism remain the same as ever!

How do I prevent squirrels from getting into my attic?

The key to preventing squirrels from entering your attic is by making it less accessible and attractive to them.
Seal all potential entry points like gaps, holes, or cracks in the siding, roof, soffits, or eaves. Be sure to check for any missing fascia adjacent to your roofline, or gaps behind gutters. Squirrels can fit through holes as small as 1.5 inches in diameter – so even small gaps need to be taken seriously.

Additionally, you should trim tree branches that are close to your roof to eliminate easy access.

If you have a bird feeder you may want to consider removing it or replacing it with a squirrel-proof variety. There isn’t much to be done about bird seed that accumulates beneath feeders – which is why removal is often the best course of action.

Do mothballs or squirrel repellents keep squirrels away?

Mothballs and commercial squirrel repellents have limited effectiveness. While they might deter squirrels temporarily, these solutions are generally not long-lasting and can also pose risks to pets and humans if not used correctly. For a more permanent solution, it’s better to focus on sealing entry points.

Do squirrels spread any illnesses?

Squirrels are generally not considered major disease vectors but they can potentially carry parasites like ticks and fleas, which may transmit diseases to pets or humans.

While uncommon, squirrel urine and droppings can transmit leptospirosis. Use care whenever working around areas where squirrels have been nesting as they don’t step outside to use the bathroom!

What are signs of a squirrel infestation?

Signs of a squirrel infestation vary but commonly include hearing noises like scratching, scurrying, or chewing in your attic, particularly during the day when squirrels are most active.

Finding droppings, nests made from leaves or shredded insulation, and evidence of chewed wires or structural damage are strong indicators.

You may also discover caches of stored food, such as acorns, which squirrels stash for later use. Additionally, visible entry points like holes or gaps, and frequent squirrel activity on your roof can all signal an infestation. If you notice any of these signs, it’s advisable to seek professional help for effective squirrel removal and prevention.

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